Friday, June 09, 2006

the M's - Plan of the Man

Polyvinyl Records will probably always be remembered for the quiet, hushed pop albums that they released early on in their formation. As a result many of their subsequent releases that have had entirely different sounds have been ignored by the press. xbxrx's brilliant Sixth in Sixes is almost non-existent, and more recently the M's Future Women (which was released way back in February) has gone and left. I mean, I'm just coming across it now. Me! Now! What a damn shame, cus these guys have pretty much nailed down the sound of 1970s British rock and roll a la Bowie or the Jam. "Plan of the Man" features the rapid-fire electric guitars, backed with echoing vocal harmonies before culminating into fuzzed-out power-pop hit backed with a cross-section of horns. "Trucker Speed" begins out of tune before slowly arriving at the fuzz-pop pitstop, backed by violin. Dig in!

Bonus Track - Trucker Speed
Bonus Track - Going Over It

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