Friday, June 30, 2006

Peaches - Downtown

With a title like Impeach My Bush and Peaches track record, one has to wonder if Peaches pumped out a spontaneously written, unproduced work like Neil Young's Living With War. Surprisingly, Peaches has gone the exact opposite route. While the album doesn't differentiate much from the minimalist-drumbeats-with-explicitly-sexual-lyrics formula, Impeach My Bush features far better production than her previous work. "You Love It" was produced by Greg Kurstin who worked on Gwen Stefani's album and several songs on Lily Allen's upcoming album. "Downtown" could very well be the most accessible song I've ever heard Peaches do. What's shocking about this album is how enjoyable it is without deliberately trying to offend you. I would hardly say that Peaches is trying to receive mainstream popularity, but I'm definitely glad that she's reinvested in creating original dance music.

Bonus Track - Hit it Hard


Anonymous said...

No love from W.A.Y.U.H. Here's the new one from the same album. Check it out. Later.

Anonymous said...

Great downtown remix at

Will said...

Sounds great. I actually didn't give much of a listen to her last album, but I really dug the first. Sounds like she might be hitting her stride right here.