Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sloan - Summer's My Season

Although in recent years they seem to have gone on auto-pilot, Toronto (via Halifax) rockers Sloan put out more than a few amazing albums in their day. The thing that has always puzzled me, however, is the fact that they are strictly a Canadian phenomenon. They have achieved a kind of superstar status here in Canada, and yet to this day remain relatively unknown south of the border. Early in their career they were picked up by Geffen Records with the hopes of becoming the next Nirvana, but when they abandoned their My Bloody Valentine noise-pop in favour of clean guitars and Beatle-esque harmonies, no one knew what to do with them. I still think a lot of indie rock bloggers would dig them if they knew who they were. This post is my weak attempt to reconnect a few people with this great band, using an assortment of b-sides (stupid idea, I know). So do with it as you will... but if you don't like it, I don't wanna hear it! Word on the street is that Sloan's next album will be out sometime in September.

» Bonus Track: Same Old Flame
» Bonus Track: Helen
» Bonus Track: Laying Blame
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Same Old Flame might be one of the best songs ever written by Sloan.

Sloan, additionally, are probably the only band that would show up at a their own tribute night run by indie kids, join them on stage and forget how to play their own songs!

Only in Canada...