Friday, June 30, 2006

the Two Koreas - Cannish Boy

While the indie music world seems to be going mainstream (*cough *cough Nelly Furtado *cough) the Two Koreas come by, only to remind you of what indie music used to be. Their terribly under-recognized debut album Main Plates & Classic Pies was independently released in 2004 and is only available through Maplemusic. If this doesn't speak to their phenomenal street cred, the band also features two professional music critics. So you can expect music pretention of British proportions (but the band is Canadian (fucking Wankers!)). Even the band's name comes from the name of an obscure country that was divided into Northern and Southern regions over fifty years ago. Yet, what I enjoy most about the Two Koreas is that they gladly wear their influences on their sleeves. "Cannish Boy" sounds quite similar to Can, and the song "A Neu Ing" sounds similar to Neu! Add in some of Mark E. Smith's attitude and you have the feel of the Two Koreas.

Bonus Track - 54 is the New 27
Bonus Track - A Neu Ing

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Anonymous said...

i fucking love this band. they're one of my all time favorites!