Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Georgie James - Cheap Champagne

After the break up of Q And Not U, each of the band members went off in their separate directions, still itching to write music but this time with a more personal, introspective touch. Chris Richards went on to record music and tour under the moniker Ris Paul Ric; John Davis on the other hand turned to his singer-songwriter friend, Laura Burhenn, to form a duo called Georgie James. The stripped-down male/female dynamic might remind some of another D.C. musical couple: Ian Mackaye and Amy Farina aka The Evens. However, Georgie James are a little more upbeat and dare I say more rockin', particularly this song "Cheap Champagne". Both of these songs are from a 7-disc demo EP they've been selling at shows called Demos at Dance Place. It's no Q And Not U, but it does contain some familiar elements, and I am looking forward to hearing an official release from them in the near future.

» Bonus Track: Need Your Needs

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