Friday, July 28, 2006

Half-Handed Cloud - Earth Outside of Ghost Will Only Be Quicksand

Everyone who is familiar with John Ringhofer's work seems to have the same reaction to his music. While he is able to create amazingly catchy, poppy Christian songs, almost all his songs feel too short, or sound all-too-familiar. While his new album still finds him writing mostly short songs (19 songs in 30 minutes!), I'm ecstatic to see him changing up his sound quite a bit. His new album, Halos & Lassos finds Ringhofer playing with 80s synthesizers, marimbas, flutes, everything he can get his hands on to accent his trademark quirky lyrics. Considering that most of his songs are under two minutes, his songs are unbelievably complex (and catchy!). Of course, saying his songs are too short is a great compliment to any musician, but I really mean it. Stop teasing us!

Bonus Track - Tongues that Possess the Earth Instead

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