Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hatebeak - Beak of Putrefaction

I first read about these guys over at Gorilla vs Bear, and all I can say is it totally blew my mind man. This is clearly the future of music. Human singers are so overrated... animals have much smaller egos and more resilient vocal chords. Which brings me to Hatebeak: a hardcore band fronted by an African grey parrot. I kid you not. Now on the one hand this is probably the most unlistenable mess of noise I've ever heard in my life, but on the other hand I'd still totally go check these guys out live. Unfortunately, from the sounds of it they don't tour because the noise would be way too loud for the parrot (what about the audience?). Still, you've gotta give them props for dreaming up one of the best band gimmicks ever. At the very least it's the most creative use of pets in music I've heard since Jingle Cats.

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Anonymous said...

Caninus - Two pitbulls provide the vocals.

Thought you might be interested, nice blog by the way.