Monday, July 24, 2006

His Name is Alive - Get Your Curse On

For a band that has been around for close to twenty years, His Name is Alive is still primarily unknown. I think this largely lies in the band's inability to remain consistent to one genre over the course of an album, let alone over the course of their career. The band's most recent album Detrola has the odd difficulty of including eerie electronica and chamber ballads before moving onto straight up pop music. HNIA is many things but one thing they are not is consistent. While it doesn't make for a solidly listenable album, each song more than stands on its own. Main man Warren Defever is notorious for his perfectionist production practices, and Detrola is not in short supply of hits. "Get Your Curse On" sounds more like a leftover hit from the Motown era with its smooth beats and horns that'll have you doing the twist before it hits the chorus, whereas "Here Forever Always" wouldn't have sounded out of place on the most recent Hot Chip album.

Bonus Track - Here Forever Always


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting on a great album. People do need to listen to this and yes, stylistically, it is all over the map. I agree that the songs do stand on their own, though.

I saw them earlier this year and they were great. Also, two of them played in Nomo who are also worthy of some love.

And finally can we clear up the song title confusion? I think some song titles were changed but itunes has some wrong. "here forever always" is
'C*A*T*S' on the CD. I've also seen "Get your curse on' identified as "Summer left your heart behind".

prozak said...

Yeah, I noticed on their Myspace page the song was listed as "C*A*T*S." I was going to mention that but i realize now I forgot ;)

Thanks for the comments.