Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton

A lot of people seemed to think that Frances The Mute was the most mind-blowing album they'd heard in a long time, but if you ask me, it was a bit of a mess. I saw the direction that The Mars Volta were heading in and I wasn't overly enthused; they had already peaked with De-loused in the Comatorium and were now diving off into the great abyss of heady prog rock masturbation. That said, I was still curious to see where they might take things with their next album... it could be worth sifting through the smoke and mirrors to find a few moments of brilliance.

On Amputechture, the band continues to muck around with weird vocal effects, long ass guitar solos and Spanish lyrics, turning out what is basically another hit and miss record. Unique? Somewhat. Listenable? Not really. Most songs still have some cool moments, but they all shift and change constantly, and I guess to be fair that is what prog rock is all about. Cedric's voice gets higher and higher with each new record too -- pretty soon he's going to be singing exclusively to dogs and cats (come to think of it, that would make a great concept album).

"Tetragrammaton" is the song that seemed to me to have the most "cool" parts in it. It also happens to be 16 minutes long so it probably has more "uncool" parts than the rest of the album as well. Amputechture is out on August 10th, you can also check out the song "Viscera Eyes" (in 2 parts) over on their MySpace page.

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WhO said...

boring? hows the mars volta boring, wth do you listen to? if you think any of it is boring

Anonymous said...

They are boring. If you are listening to music that doesn't go anywhere, and isn't even appealing, then you tend to get bored.

Unknown said...

DISCLAIMER: please give no credit to the words of 'sean'. this individual is extremely limited in his understanding of music. his words are worthless

Anonymous said...

yay and what do you listen to?
your ears and your brain need a bit more musical training, so you can found this extremely enriching and rich yet complex music more than "boring"

maybe you get pleased with those 3-minutes-verse-chorys-verse tunes all over there, but thats because you havent listen to any different form to make music in your whole life, and im pretty sure that you havet developed your appreciation and sensitiveness in every other aspect of your life

shame on you :P

Anonymous said...

People who don't understand music should not comment on it.

Its just like not giving a computer to a retard, they'll only get bored and fed up, purely because they don't understand it.

TMV is for real muso's, don't worry bout this guy.

Anonymous said...

Not boring but horrible.

Anonymous said...

hahah "for real muso's" Hahah for people with fucking shit in their ears, so the measure of awkwardness isn't noticed.