Thursday, July 20, 2006

the Mountain Goats - Cobra Tattoo

Everyone who has heard John Darnielle's early work as the Mountain Goats knows that the man has a profound ability for writing pop songs. And anyone who has read his blog knows he also has a profound love for death metal. But who knew he also had a penchant for writing sad songs. His new album Get Lonely is chock full of them. Sure, we've seen signs of it before this, but never of this magnitude or power. Yes, the same man who wrote paeans to the Anglo-Saxons, is also the same man who now sings about his tattered relationship with his father. While part of me still bemoans Darnielle's transformation from prolific, geeky four-tracker to full-fledged band leader, deep down I know that this is the type of album he's always wanted to make which he never would have been able to record in his basement apartment.

Get Lonely is released August 22 on 4AD records.

Bonus Track - Woke Up New

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