Friday, July 21, 2006

Starflyer 59 - I Win

Starflyer 59 has always been one of those bands that don't quite receive the attention they deserve despite consistently putting out so many great albums. Twelve years, eight albums and six EPs later SF59 still have the same fanbase they've always had. I think this largely has to do with their longtime partnership with Tooth and Nail Records that has limited their audience. But recently, the man behind SF59, Jason Martin has taken to making several smaller-run CDs and vinyls for the band's small, but dedicated audience. "I Win" comes from a small EP released only through the band's MySpace account, that features one song from their upcoming album My Island (released September 12) as well as three unreleased tracks. As usual, Martin and Co. show no signs of writer's block, still putting out at least phenomenally written and produced album each year. On top of that, Martin will be releasing an album with his brother Ronnie Martin (of Joy Electric) later this year under the name The Bros. Martin.

If you have never heard SF59 you need to hear "No New Kinda Story" below.

Bonus Track - No New Kinda Story


Anonymous said...

Family Ties is so good on that EP. Jason sent me a copy as I'm meeting him for an interview in Toronto in Aug. Can't wait for the album.

Good post.

prozak said...

yeah, i love that song too. i was going to post it but you know how it is. jason never ceases to amaze me at how consistent he is even for little releases like this one.
are you going to see them in toronto?