Thursday, August 24, 2006

Akron/Family - Blessing Force

I didn't mind the Akron/Family's debut album, but it wasn't until their split CD with Angels of Light that I really took notice of this band. I had read stories about their kinetic live shows, and these songs seemed to properly capture the manic energy that their unhinged melding of folk, jazz and psych rock promised.

Since then I've been anxiously awaiting another full-length release from the band, and unfortunately it looks like I'm going to have to wait a bit longer as their latest disc, Meek Warrior, technically qualifies as an EP. The good news is that it's a 35 minute EP, with some songs clocking in at over 7 minutes. The recording sessions for Meek Warrior were reportedly a feverish blur, with the band members battling bronchitis and sleep deprivation in between stops on a U.S. tour. Some additional recording was later done in Canada with contributions from members of Do Make Say Think and Broken Social Scene.

The resulting album has a trippy Beatles White Album kind of feel, featuring freak out noise jams juxtaposed with quiet, unassuming acoustic hymns. Great stuff... but I want more! Apparently they will have another collaboration with Angels of Light out early next year. In the meantime, Meek Warrior will be available on September 25th through Young God Records.

» Bonus Track: Love and Space
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