Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Album Leaf - Always For You

The Album Leaf is the solo project of Jimmy LaValle, a man who has played in such bands as Tristeza, The Black Heart Procession and The Locust, among others. Considering his involvement with such an interesting ensemble of musicians, it may seem strange that his solo project is what has gotten him the most attention. But it has. His last full-length album, In A Safe Place, was released by Sub Pop and eventually found its way onto the soundtrack of a few episodes of The O.C., gaining him plenty of new fans and leaving many to wonder when he might release his next solo record. Well wait no longer friends, Into The Blue Again will be released on September 12th, and features more of the same dreamy pop music that will appeal to fans of Sigur Ros and Explosions In The Sky, accented by shimmering guitars, subtle electronics and moody strings, piano and/or keyboards. The record is mostly instrumental, but does feature a few songs with vocals including this one, "Always For You". I find this stuff is great for listening to at work or just "chillaxing" in general. Check out these tracks and enter THE CHILL ZONE.

» Bonus Track: Into The Sea
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