Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Channels - To The New Mandarins

Although J. Robbins may not seem to get as much attention as some of his D.C. post-punk brethren, he has played in some amazing bands and produced records for a number of others. A lot of people shunned Jawbox after they left Dischord Records for Atlantic, but I think their major label releases are actually pretty decent. That said, Burning Airlines is probably my favourite J. Robbins project to date, and I've been anxious to hear what his latest band Channels might bring.

Their first full length album hits stores today, entitled Waiting For The Next End Of The World, and it sounds remarkably similar to Burning Airlines. It features much of the same slightly warped sense of melody and off-time rhythms, but with an interesting new dynamic provided by the female vocals of bassist and wife Janet Morgan. Drummer Darren Zentek (Kerosene 454, Oswego) is also an ideal choice to round out the trio. While this album is probably a little too thick for the indie rock crowd, and a bit too poppy for the hard rock crowd, somewhere in between there Channels will find their niche.

» Bonus Track: Mayday
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Anonymous said...

Dear gawd, I love me some J Robbins. I will champion just about anything he does from the rooftops. Actually, I was a little iffy on the first Channels stuff that I heard, but this is hitting all of my sweet spots at once. Thanks for posting it! I'm off to the DeSoto site to order it as soon as the song ends!