Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulders (Ghislain Poirier Remix)

Sean and I played a song by Ghislain Poirier on our recent podcast, followed by some pretty crucial discussion on the proper pronunciation of his name. So...what are you waiting for? Go d/l it and love it already.

Poirier's most recent album is entirely a remix album. He uses some incredibly popular songs (ie. Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes) along with some songs that used to be popular (ie. Vanilla Ice). But you really got to hand it to him for remixing "Dirt Off Your Shoulders" a song that probably has the sickest beat ever created. While, I don't think he makes the song better, he makes it different, and I absolutely love it. Whereas the original beat was highly overproduced, Poirier's is much simpler, and part of the pleasure of it is hearing how much simpler it is. However, this Busta Rhymes remix below is just plain crazy.

Bonus Track - Busta Rhymes

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Anonymous said...

Let's try something to help you all, english speaking people, prononunce Ghislain's name. It's hard 'cause some prononciation are not english-friendly. It would look something like this...
"G-slin (without the "n" prononciation) Po-R-E-A". But his friends just call him Jiss.
Etienne, Montreal