Monday, August 21, 2006

Muzak For Cybernetics Mixtape #3

Back by popular demand, it's the Muzak For Cybernetics Mixtape, Volume 3! Jay joins us this week as we play a good mix of tunes with less electronic focus and a little more retro style rock. Download the MP3 directly or subscribe to the podcast to ensure you don't miss any future shows!


The Robocop Kraus - After Laughter Comes Tears
Os Mutantes - Ave, Lucifer
Akron/Family - Raising The Sparks
The Raconteurs - Store Bought Bones
Tokyo Police Club - Cheer It On
Eric Bachmann - Lonesome Warrior
Swan Lake - All Fires
Chad Vangaalen - Clinically Dead
Crooked Fingers - Under Pressure
Jim Guthrie - Hands In My Pocket
Beatles - Mean Mr. Mustard
Beach Boys - You're Welcome
Animal Collective - College
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cheated Hearts (Peaches Remix)
Free Blood - Quick and Painful
Headlights - TV


Will said...

Just started listening today and I love it. It's actually hard to find quality indie rock podcasts out there. Keep it up.

prozak said...

Hey, thanks a lot Will. I think there should be another one coming soon.