Thursday, August 24, 2006

Obadiah Parker - Hey Ya (Outkast Cover)

I know that most of you probably come to this site for the straight up punk music. But even as an aging, hardcore-punk fan, there's some things that just pull at my heartstrings. This Obadiah Parker cover of "Hey Ya' somehow really gets to me. He totally changes the song, making it sound perfect for a late summer romance. I could totally see it appearing on The OC this season (eg. Kaitlin falling for some emo guy waring a P!ATD t-shirt at the Peach Pit while this song is playing. Awwwww!). That is, only if this song was less ironic, no wait, more ironic.

1 comment:

dario said...

Man, this is pretty good!
I see what you mean for being used for a summer romance scene. Though that's pretty gay and not in a good way.