Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Parts & Labor - Stay Afraid

I've been sitting on this band for quite a while, and I'm surprised at how quickly I've forgotten about this album. The album is incredibly good, but it's been overshadowed by so many amazing albums this year. They also have one of the coolest webpage backgrounds I've ever seen. That webpage alone should prove to you their allegiance to making pure, fuzzed out rock. Lucky for them, they succeed, or else that webpage would be a total waste. Combining fuzzy guitars, noisy keyboards, feedback, the band reminds me of a slightly poppier Oneida, something that has been oddly absent from most of Oneida's career. And just like Oneida, Parts & Labor hit hard. Apparently the entire band had to double its amount of amps just to be heard over drummer Christopher Weingarten's pulverizing beats. You all know what that means.

Bonus Track - New Buildings

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