Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thunderbirds Are Now! - Ppl R Anmls

Thunderbirds Are Now's last album Justamustache was probably one of my favourite records of last year. I could point out that they started to sound a heck of a lot like Les Savy Fav after signing to French Kiss Records... but I won't. Bottom line is there were some great songs on the album, and it grabbed me almost immediately. Seeing them live was a bit of a different story, however, as their cocky rockstar attitudes kind of left a bad taste in my mouth and turned me off them for a while. Now that their new album is complete, and hitting stores on October 3rd, I'm reacquainting myself.

Make History
was produced by Enon's John Schmersal, and it has drawn me back in with its many hooks and melodies. However, the aloof nature of some of the lyrics leaves me again feeling a bit annoyed. I remember this particular song "Ppl R Anmls" being played live when I saw them earlier in the year, and its refrain of "People don't impress me much" seems to go along with their condescending tone. That said, it's still a pretty catchy song and the album is sounding generally impressive, although maybe a little rushed. I still need to give it a bit more time to sink in. Anyone else have thoughts on the album?

You can hear a couple more songs over at Pitchfork and Spin respectively.

» Bonus Track: Sound Issues, Smart Ideas

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Anonymous said...

I've seen them live a few times - they are a lot less cocky now then when they first started - they have great live energy - if you don't like that - so be it. I think their new songs are more mature but still with kick ass hooks - I'm a believer