Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tokyo Police Club - Nature of the Experiment

It's not often that I get jealous of bands. Although I love music, I don't view playing music as a career I'm extremely interested in. Yet, there's something about listening to Tokyo Police Club that makes me feel like I should get around to corralling a band together. Maybe it's their incredibly catchy, dance-punk, fuzzed-out rock songs. Maybe it's the fact that they're local boys. Or maybe it's that they're all under the age of 19 which makes me feel like I should have a record deal by now. Either way, their debut EP A Lesson in Crime on Paper Bag Records, is so much better than it should be. It kills me listening to it, seeing how talented they are so early. The band displays an intelligence and talent much ahead of their age. I should be doing something better with my time.

Bonus Track - Be Good

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