Thursday, September 28, 2006

M. Ward - Poison Cup

Everyone who talks about the new M. Ward album Post-War seems to dwell on the political intentions in this new album. Upon a few fairly intense listening seshes I'm less convinced about the political commentary in the album, yet I'm completely reminded of why I love M. Ward. I think dwelling on the political associations totally detracts from Ward's incredible songwriting talent and voice. Even from the album's lead off track "Poison Cup," Ward manages to pull you in with just a simple guitar riff and violins. This song could very well be my favourite song of the past two weeks, and everytime I listen to it I appreciate it a little bit more. His deep, nasal, southern voice has no comparison in music. I love it! If only we could all have it. Definitely check out his cover of Daniel Johnston's "To Go Home" below as well.

Bonus Track - To Go Home

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