Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pilot Scott Tracy - Run, Run, Run

Although the lead-up to its release has been pretty low-key so far, Pilot Scott Tracy will return with their 3rd full-length album next month on Alternative Tentacles. It remains a mystery to me why more bloggers haven't picked up on this band or their previous incarnation, The Causey Way. Not only do they offer shades of The Pixies, The B-52's and Stereolab all in one shot, but they also dress up as flight attendants on stage. You can't beat a band in costume, right?

On their last album, Any City, it did start to feel a bit like they were running out of inspiration and ideas, but I'm happy to say that We Cut Loose may very well be the best thing they've done since The Causey Way. There hasn't been any drastic change or progression in style, but they just sound re-energized and full of life again. Frantic vocals, swirling synths, and they even throw in a cover of The Smiths for good measure. Who knows, maybe last time they were just suffering from jet lag?

» Bonus Track: 21 Years
» Bonus Track: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Smiths cover)
» Pre-order it on Amazon

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