Friday, September 01, 2006

The Polyphonic Spree - Lithium (Nirvana cover)

Posting 2 cover songs in one night... I should be ashamed of myself. But seriously this one could not wait... (uh... pun intended?). The Polyphonic Spree have decided to tide over fans with a new EP to be released next week called simply Wait. It features a handful of covers and a couple new tracks. I've been really looking forward to hearing their next album, The Fragile Army, which is being produced by Jon Brion, but in the meantime, I suppose this will do. The choice of covers were pretty interesting; among them are a Psychadelic Furs track, a Tripping Daisy song (Tim DeLaughter's old band), and this Nirvana cover. I gotta say, after watching Rock Star Supernova for the past couple of months, hearing another rendition of this song seems even cheesier than usual. But in the end they totally rocked it!

You can also currently hear the new Polyphonic Spree song "Mental Cabaret" streaming over at their official website now.


Bailey said...

Thank you! I've been looking forward to their cover of Lithium for a couple of weeks now, doesn't disappoint. And the new track is great too, suitably epic and zany.

Mike said...

Thanks a lot for this. Been waiting to hear it for a long time. Definitely worth it.

Anonymous said...

..very very beautiful..