Friday, September 29, 2006

Swan Lake - The Freedom

I can pretty much write anything about this album and people will pretty much eat it up. I know everyone wants to hear the album, especially because of the secrecy which has surrounded it so far. You've no doubt heard all the big name Canucks attached to this product: Dan Bejar, Spencer Krug, Casey Mercer. As you can imagine when three incredibly talented artists come together, they are going to create art. While the album does carry much of the same feeling as their other bands (these two songs definitely reflect Bejar's writing skills) the album isn't as accessible as I'm sure everyone's expecting it to be. Much of it is difficult, much of it is brilliant, but you need to hear it regardless. Give in to your desires and take a listen!

Bonus Track - Widow's Walk


Will said...

yeah, i'm eating it up.

Anonymous said...

FYI, it's Carey Mercer, not "Casey".

Great tunes!

Anonymous said...

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