Friday, September 01, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Diamond Sea (Sonic Youth cover)

First The Go! Team decide to record a wonderful rendition of "Bull In The Heather", and now the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have given us this sparse acoustic cover of "Diamond Sea". What's with all the sudden interest in paying homage to Sonic Youth? I guess I can't complain. Ironically, "Diamond Sea" was from Sonic Youth's Washing Machine album, which is about the time when I sort of stopped paying attention to them (right up until 2002's Murray Street). I really should go back and give some of those late 90's Sonic Youth records a chance, but regardless, the YYY's do a good job putting their own twist on it. Is it sexist of me to be surprised that Karen O. didn't choose a tune that Kim Gordon sings on? But then again, let's face it, all the true Sonic Youth highlights are Thurston Moore songs ("Kool Thing" and "Bull In The Heather" notwithstanding).

While we're on the topic of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs I figured I'd also throw in this sweet remix of "Y Control" that was done by The Faint a while back. Enjoy.

» Bonus Track: Y Control (The Faint Remix)


prozak said...

Speaking of Thurston Moore, have you heard To Live and Shave in LA his sideproject with Andrew WK. They're playing in Hamilton this weekend, though I doubt Moore will be there.

Unknown said...

Sexist? Truly, you must never have listened to the song: as it's about a young family expecting their first child. Have you listened to Kim's delicious bass on this track? Or watched her dance beautifully on the stage when it's played live?