Friday, October 20, 2006

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead - Eight Day Hell

Next month ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead will release their 5th full length album So Divided. The sound is definitely a bit of a departure for these Texas noisemakers who were known once upon a time for self-destructing at the end of each show. But I guess that expectation probably gets old pretty quickly, and now they've moved on and conjured up something much less bombastic.

In retrospect, I think it's fair to say these guys were pretty overhyped once upon a time (Pitchfork awarded Source Tags & Codes a 9.7 I believe), but now they're kind of free to do whatever the hell they want. In many cases it barely even sounds like the same band. Take this song "Eight Days Hell" for instance, with its rollicking piano and group vocals... it borders on Polyphonic Spree territory. The album didn't really grab me overall, but I give them props for at least trying something new. So Divided hits stores on November 14th.

» Bonus Track: Life
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Peter said...

oh they awarded more than 9.7, they awarded 10! Well at least that's what i read in wikipedia recently. Personally I prefer Worlds Apart to Sources Tags & Codes and I'm looking forward to this new one. Only problem with these guys is you need to listen to them on repeat HEAPS before you begin to appreciate.

Steve said...

10.0 indeed.

I like approx. 3-4 songs on the new album, and the rest is pretty boring. I don't expect Source Tags, Part 2, but I expect an album that showcases the same type of songwriting skill that that album had. Wondering if we're ever gonna get it.

Ryan said...

The first time I heard it only a few songs grabbed me. After repeated listens, though, I absolutely love it. And I wasn't a huge trail of dead fan before listening to it. I have to put this in my top five favorite albums so far.

ecosenun said...

I'm a very big fan of TOD, but I think So divided is their worst album so far.

It's sad to see how a cover (GbV) is probably the best song in the record.

I think what I miss in So divided are more songs composed by Jason Reece, which always contributed to make the sound fiercer.