Monday, October 16, 2006

Beck - This Girl That I Know

I am enjoying Beck's latest album The Information, if for no other reason then because it comes with a booklet of stickers to create your own customized album artwork. Now there's a reason to buy the actual CD instead of just downloading it, right? The music mainly carries along in the same direction as Guero in my opinion, which is to say it brings back the junkyard pastiche of rap and funk that made Mellow Gold and Odelay so catchy. I was a little disappointed though, that there wasn't much of the Midnite Vultures-era Beck to be found. It turns out at least one such song made it onto the U.K. release of the album as a bonus track, however. It's too bad they weren't included as part of the standard release, as these extra songs actually make up for some of the uninteresting tracks on the rest of the album.

» Bonus Track: Inside Out
» Buy the UK Import of The Information on Amazon


TomServo0 said...

Thank you! You can also watch the DVD videos of these songs at

Anonymous said...

Gracias für the Beck mp3's!