Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cacoy- Mural of Music

I'll admit that every so often I completely miss out on a huge band (I just got 'into' Broken Social Scene half an hour ago). But there's no excuse for not hearing of Cacoy, except that it wasn't released in North America until recently. The album was actually originally released in Japan way back in 2003. The best comparison I can make to other bands that start with the letter 'C' are Cornelius or Caribou, who use cut up beats and samples, mixed with a bit a hip-hop and electronica. Cacoy definitely emphasizes the more downtempo styles of electronica, but showcases and incredible ability to build songs out of nothing. "Mural of Music" begins with little more than some cut-up beats before climaxing at a soothing, monumental chorus. The album is full of songs like this that begin quietly, and play more like background music, and then build and build until you can't concentrate on anything but the music. Definitely a must have.
Hey, isn't it about time they put out another album?

Bonus Track - Piracle Pa

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