Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Curtains - The Thousandth Face

Now that guitarist Chris Cohen has officially parted ways with Deerhoof, he is concentrating full time on his other band The Curtains. I didn't realize this, but he was actually doing The Curtains back before he even joined Deerhoof (around the Reveille-era), and the new album Calamity will be his 4th under that moniker. Being that this is my first exposure to Cohen's solo material, I can't compare the sound to previous albums, but I can tell you that it contains many elements that will be familiar to Deerhoof fans. The one thing that did surprise me, however, was just how gentle and laidback most of the songs were. I kept waiting for him to explode into a frenzy of Deerhoof-esque noise, but that moment never comes. Instead we are left with a collection of quiet pop songs built on slightly twisted melodies, some of which seem a bit forgettable, while others will stick in your head for days. Calamity is released on Asthmatic Kitty Records on October 24th.

» Bonus Track: Fell On A Rock & Broke It
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