Thursday, October 12, 2006


If it wasn't already official that MIA had blown up, last night's episode of America's Next Top Model solidified it when they played an instrumental song in the background that was an obvious rip-off of an MIA track. Not only is ANTM on the cutting edge of fashion, but they are also famous for ripping off only the world's hottest tracks. Of course, she's not only HOT! she's also HAWT! This track comes from her upcoming album supposedly being released later this year. At one point Timbaland was supposed to produce a couple tracks, but the newest rumor is that the album will be entirely produced by Maya herself. Vain? Maybe. But I'm definitely digging this new track.


Patric Fallon said...

No way she produced that track herself, let alone the whole album. If there's no Timbaland on the new record I'll be pissed!

Anonymous said...

MIA!...the download isnt working...can it be uploaded again??

Anonymous said...

If there is Timbaland i'de be pissed.. you only hear his top 40 things, not the bad stuff mainstream. Her first album was hot, ide prefer she keep her authenticity as opposed to making what everyone else already has...

Anonymous said...

yep, I agree with that!

She's way better than 'Timberland'. This next album gonna do well methinks, from what I've heard sofar it uncompremising and original. Both qualities of good music

Anonymous said...

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