Saturday, October 14, 2006

Muzak Video Roundup: Danielson, Field Music, Mates of State, Junior Senior and Much More!

It's been a long time since I've posted some music videos here, so I went and scoured the web for the latest and greatest that indie rock has to offer. Among them are new vids from Danielson, TV On The Radio, Junior Senior, Mates of State, and even a video from the upcoming Tenacious D movie. We're still awaiting the debut of Michel Gondry's latest for Beck "Cell Phone's Dead", but in the meantime you can check out all the videos from the DVD that comes with The Information. Enjoy!

Beck - The Information DVD Videos
Danielson - "Did I Step On Your Trumpet"
TV On The Radio - "Wolf Like Me"
Junior Senior - "Can I Get Get Get"
Mates of State - "Like U Crazy"
The Futureheads - "Worry About It Later"
Thom Yorke - "Harrowdown Hill"
Field Music - "In Context"
The Album Leaf - "Always For You"
Bloc Party - "Compliments" (Unofficial)
The Pipettes - "Judy"
The Knife - "Like A Pen"
Sparta - "Taking Back Control"
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - "The Owl"
Broken Social Scene - "Major Label Debut"
Lady Sovereign - "Love Me or Hate Me"
Sunset Rubdown - "Us Ones In Between"
The Thermals - "A Pillar of Salt"
The Raconteurs - "Broken Boy Soldier"
Cat Power - "Lived In Bars"
Architecture in Helsinki - "Like A Call"
The Spinto Band - "Oh Mandy"
Tenacious D - "The Pick of Destiny"

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Anonymous said...

This is pretty great. I'm so glad that you posted the spinto band. A while ago I met this guy and he told me about them, and I've always wanted to check them out. They played here not that long ago, but I couldn't make it to the now I know that I can go buy an album (if there is one) and I'm pretty sure I'll love it.