Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rogue Wave - Eyes

Some time ago I was watching the instant classic hit Just Friends with my mom, and this one song that kept appearing throughout that sounded like Rogue Wave, though I didn't recognize it from either of their full-length albums. I had forgot about the song for a while, until last week as I was watching the season premiere of Heroes and heard the song again. I don't want to join in the debate of whether or not pop songs should be used in superhero films or television shows, but the point is that this song is awesome. It's a short acoustic number more reminiscent of their first album Out of the Shadow but it actually appears as a bonus track for the single "Publish My Love" from their more recent Descended Like Vultures album.


The Scuba Skipper said...

I was looking for info about the ocean and I found your site about Rogue Wave.

Not quite what I was looking for, but I decided to listen to the Mp3. Nice Suggestion!

prozak said...

most of our fans come here looking for info on oceans actually.
thanks for the comments

Christy said...

you are awesome!! thanks for the mp3... yeah i also heard the song on Heroes and my friend asked who it was and i thought "it definitely sounds like rogue wave" but i couldn't place it from their previous albums... so, good to have it confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for this song. I was looking everywhere for it. It's just one of these songs you have to play over and over again.
once again thanks

Zkullock said...

Why can't i download it?

Ron said...

ok, I give up!

what's a guy gotta do to get an account and be able to download this tune?

Anonymous said...

please post the song on some free access website. :)

Anonymous said...

:D I came across this post while looking for this particular song. Although I've never heard of Rogue Wave before, I absolutely loved it when I watched Heroes fir teh first time. Sadely the download isn't working for me either. would love it of you could find a way to fix the link or something :D

Matthew said...

Yeaa, how do you download it!?

sanyi123456 said...

hello my name is peter
please post the song(heroes soundtrack) in my email
this is really good song!

Anonymous said...

Love the song
can you send to me


Anonymous said...

hey! im james! dat song is gr8! n i really like it! i heard on da heroes pilot 2! lol! da link wont wrk ! so cud u plz tell me how u got it? did u download it from sumwer? fnx soooo much!!! wb plz

Anonymous said...

hey i can't download the song
can you send it to me? pls I love this song so much
thank you so much

Anonymous said...

i like this song so so much but it's pity i can't download it anywhere.. it would be so kind if u could send it to my email

thanx again

Anonymous said...

i love this song but i can't download it
please send me at

thank you
and nice to meet your blog.

Emily said...

i love this song. check out acoustic RW performances on kyte. or they do a new one from on tour every couple of days.

Emily said...

i love this song. check out acoustic RW performances on kyte. or they do a new one from on tour every couple of days.

Arun_Omniscient said...

dude i really love this song & unfortunately the link that u gave is blocked here in my educational institution in india....could u plzz mail me the song at

i would be gr8ful to u


Anonymous said...


Its so Nice of u to put the songs for download ..
But I Just cannot download it ..tried so many times ..
Would u be kind enough to mail me the file on -