Tuesday, November 07, 2006

the Creeping Nobodies - Heatseek

One of my biggest pet peeves about running an incredibly successful music blog is that I don't ahve the time to fully appreciate albums as much as I used to. I'm always trying to break the next Tapes 'n' Tapes that I often don't spend much time sitting down and giving albums the time they need to fully enjoy them. And it's a shame, because there are so many albums I've got recently that I haven't really absorbed. For example, I got this Creeping Nobodies album over a month ago and I just finally got around to giving it a listen last week. Since then, it's been the only thing I've really been listening to, and it's quickly becoming one of my favourites of the year. The Creeping Nobodies are able to amazingly channel the post-punk sound of the early 80s without any of that bullshit disco your used to. No, think more like Swell Maps (Rest in Peace), or Pere Ubu (Rest in Pea..- no wait, they're still around). The Creeping Nobodies sound more like anti-pop; they're aggresive, as arty as hell, and brilliant. You need this album, even just for the nine-minute "Sense of Belonging."

Bonus Track - The Sound of Joy
Bonus Track - Treachery

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