Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Malajube - Pate Filo

A few weeks ago, I saw Islands play in concert. One of opening bands was supposed to be this mysterious French pop-rock band, Malajube. Even in the tiny, icy realms of Canada, Malajube is still a relatively unknown band. It is surprising to note that they were nominated for the famous Polaris award since, comparatively speaking, they received much less attention than the other nominees. However, the point of the story is that Malajube didn't play that night; I'm not sure why not. BUT, they should have, because their album blows Islands' out of the water (pun intended). This is a brilliant pop album. Sure, no one has any idea what they're singing about (and I don't know how put the proper accents on the song titles), but the lyrics aren't important. They are incredibly adept at making poppy rock and, in the language of music, that's all that matters.

Bonus Track - La Crabe
Bonus Track - Montreal - 40C

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