Tuesday, November 14, 2006

MIA - XR2 (Diplo Turbo Remix)

We've been getting a few requests to repost MIA's "XR2" that we posted a little while ago. A lesser man would have reposted the track and left it at that. But I'll go one extra step and I'll post the necessary Diplo remix. You gotta know that a track is hawt if Diplo decides to remix it, but you also gotta know that the remix is gonna tear the ass out of the orig. I've provided MIA's version below to compare, but both are simply amazing and I can't decide which I like more. I think it's a testament to both artists as each is able to create something completely different from the same track. I've also included Diplo's stellar remix of Hot Chip's "Over and Over" below.

Bonus Track - MIA - XR2
Bonus Track - Hot Chip - Shake it Over and Over


Anonymous said...

oh man! When is someone going to find and post an mp3 that is higher then 96kps for these two tunes! :)

Great blog.

IRC said...

yeah, it would be great to have a higher bitrate for the tunes, but i'm just as undecided on which is better as the blogger.

phil from indierockcafe.com

Scott said...

Any idea if high bitrate versions of these will eventually be available for paid download somewhere? I noticed that eMusic has Arular, so must have a licensing deal with XL.

Es-Won said...

yknow, some audioblogs feel ur slippin if you post anything less than 360kpbs... but 128 is passable for me.

but i understand your position: you don't want to be seen as promoting piracy. so when you give us that sample to promote the artist, let us hear it at a decent quality.

anyways >> hot chip, diplo and pitbull << you do not know how happy this makes me

prozak said...

well actually, i would definitely post a higher quality version if i could. the unfortunate thing is that these songs haven't had an official release yet, and as for the diplo remix, i'm not sure it will. i actually stole the song from his myspace page. unfortunately, higher quality versions don't exist at this moment.

Azuric said...

I Love M.I.A. - read about the track in FACT, googled it 'n' stumbled across you're blog. glad i found it too.

data_one said...

get your hands on the BBC Asian Network Exclusive Tigerstyle Remix


Anonymous said...

Anyone know where I can get either the original M.I.A version, or some sort of promo cd with the Diplo mix? I heard DJ AM play this once... CRAZY! and it wasn't this version, it's was some edit, and it was MINT. Let me know guys.... dannydiggz@hotmail.com