Saturday, December 09, 2006

Gruff Rhys - Gyrru Gyrru Gyrru

The last couple of Super Furry Animals have been hit and miss for me, as was the first solo album from frontman Gruff Rhys, Yr Atal Genhedlaeth. Each had a few moments of brilliance, but the songwriting had moved in a pretty tame direction and just didn't quite grab me like their older material did. Next month Rhys will release his second solo album, Candylion, and while it doesn't incorporate as much experimentation as his last, I'm happy to say it's probably the best output we've heard from him in a while. There are still a lot of laidback psychadelic pop songs here, but these ones have hooks, and as a whole the album really flows. I'm sure SFA fans won't be disappointed. Watch the video for "Candylion" on YouTube, or listen to more songs on MySpace.

» Bonus Track: The Court of King Arthur
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Jack Sharp said...

I'm a poet from Anglesey and talk about meeting Gruff Rhys in my first podcast.
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