Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill (Extended Mix)

Earlier this year when Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke unleashed his solo album The Eraser on the world, the MP3 blogosphere lit up like the fourth of July. People just couldn't stop gushing about it, although I have to wonder in retrospect if everyone posted about it before they even bothered listening to the damn thing, because I haven't heard much about it since then.

Slowly I've come to appreciate the album, even though it's not quite as organic as his stuff with Radiohead tends to be. I have to be in the right frame of mind, but every now and then it really clicks for me. A couple of weeks ago Yorke also released a Japanese EP called Spitting Feathers, featuring 4 new b-sides and an extended version of "Harrowdown Hill". Despite what you might think, the b-sides aren't throwaway tracks either, and fit nicely with the rest of the album. Anyway, now it seems that Yorke has turned his attention back to being in the studio with the rest of the band. For the latest updates check out their official blog, Dead Air Space.

» Bonus Track: A Rat's Nest
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Matt Greenwood said...

I've been tracking down Radiohead and Thom Yorke b-sides all day, thanks for uploading the Harrowdown Hill Extended Mix, it's the only one I haven't been able to find.

I agree about the b-sides. I generally love Radiohead b-sides. Generally b-sides just means throwaway, sure, but with Radiohead it doesn't seem to be a matter of quality, it just seems that the b-sides aren't as accessible so they tend to be more electronic and less melodic. In that way I think they're better, but it could also be that I haven't listened to each track 100 times yet.