Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Trans Am - Tesco v Sainsburys

After 2004's Liberation, Trans Am announced that they were calling it quits, and I suppose for a couple of years they did exactly that. Drummer Sebastian Thompson kept himself the most busy, launching a pair of solo projects under the names The Frequency and Publicist; he even tried to get a cable TV show off the ground called The Vegan Drummer. But it was only a matter of time before the trio re-united (at a recording school in Auckland, New Zealand of all places). This February they will return with a brand new album called Sex Change, conceived and recorded in a span of about three weeks.

Although the title seems to indicate a radical new direction for the band, I have to say that the album still maintains that distinctive Trans Am feel. There are some elements from their 2002 album TA, a throwback to 80's synth rock, while there are also plenty of hard-driving instrumentals in the vein of what they've always done. The song "4,738 Regrets", actually reminds me a bit of Broken Social Scene (although, who doesn't sound like BSS nowadays?). Bottom line here is that it's great to have Trans Am back, and they'll be out on tour again early next year.

» Bonus Track: 4,738 Regrets (link removed)
» Bonus Track: North East Rising Sun (link removed)


Jose Carlos said...

Is it just me or are the download links broken?

Sean said...

They're working for me right now but I wouldn't be surprised if it's up and down with the way EZ Archive has been lately.

Maybe I'll put them up on SaveFile instead.