Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Brent Simon - Space Camp

I caught Brent Simon performing live on Jimmy Kimmel at some point last month and it was quite entertaining because you don't often see chubby guys performing solo on late night shows with a synthesizer, singing about science-fiction movies and other nerdy topics. It turns out he's playing up his nerd roots maybe a little too much (his website is www.nerdpunk.com and his latest album is called Seven of Nine), but he reminded me of this weird cross between Atom and his Package, The Aquabats and Wesley Willis. His synth-playing is decent, and although his singing leaves something to be desired, I suppose that's part of the charm. I'm sure a few pasty white geeks out there will get a kick out of this.

» Bonus Track: Alien Abduction
» Bonus Track: Bad Ass Keyboards

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