Monday, January 01, 2007

Panda Bear - Bro's

If you thought the last Animal Collective album was a little too poppy, you'll be a bit disappointed when you hear AC member Panda Bear's (aka Noah Lennox) new 12" single. Panda Bear has released the poppiest solo material of all four members, and listening to his solo material, you can definitely hear his influence on the overall sound of Feels. This new material is much catchier than his last album Young Prayer which featured mostly Lennox's sparse instrumentation and melodic vocals. However, this new single sees him going in a much different direction. This new single showcases his love of 60s pop music, with chaotic percussion and beautifully harmonic vocals that layer and layer upon each other before peaking into a melodic noise heap. Let's just call it the 12 minute masterpiece that it is.

This song is the first single from his upcoming solo album Person Pitch that is slated to be released winter 2007.

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