Monday, February 05, 2007

Bright Eyes - Four Winds

I think everyone's first reaction to Bright Eyes is to think he's too pretentious, too pious, too prolific - even for a rock star. Well, I can't really argue against those claims, and I'm not gonna say anything different, but he always seems to be able to defend himself with some amazing music. Again, he returns with a new album Cassadaga to be released on April 10th. But before we can hear those tracks, we are offered his new EP entitled Four Winds which features the first single from the album, as well as four unreleased tracks. If these are the unreleased tracks, the LP should be amazing. This first single has a very country feel to it (including obscure fire-and-brimstone religious references) much like his album I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning. However, it appears as if he is going for a much fuller band sound, further distancing himself from the four-track recordings that first gained him notoriety. The EP also includes a guest appearance by the equally prolific, but less pretentious M. Ward.

Bonus Track - Reinvent the Wheel

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