Friday, February 23, 2007

Dan Deacon - the Crystal Cat

Information surrounding Dan Deacon is vague to say the least. We know that he is part of an art collective known as Wham City, he graduated from college after studying electro-acoustic and computer music composition, oh yeah and he's slightly weird. Everything else is up to debate (this included). His songs tend to favour electronic experimentation more than formal structure. Of these, "the Crystal Cat" is easily the most accessible song on his newest album, and it actually could end up being one of the sneak dance hits of the year. Mixing a bit of new-wave, future shock, and acoustic jams, Deacon has created some of the most interesting, and memorable music of the year. Slightly absurd, slightly chaotic, but always intriguing. If you remain skeptical, you just need to hear the 12-minute "Wham City" to believe. Check out Spiderman of the Rings soon on Psych-o-path Records.

Bonus Track - Okie Dokie


Unknown said...

Oh man... Dan Deacon is coming here to Earlham in April. I'm pretty excited. I've heard he's more of an experience than a person, really. It's going to be fun.

Anonymous said...

I went to college with Dan Deacon, and it's true, he is an experience. He put a lot into his shows. He's wildly creative.