Monday, March 12, 2007

Illinois - One on One

Ace Fu Records have been establishing themselves as an indie label to watch as of late, with a growing roster of great up and coming bands. Heck, Annuals' Be He Me was one of my favourite albums from last year, so when a new EP from a band called Illinois arrived in my mailbox, I had to at least give them a chance. Now I know a lot of people criticized Annuals for being a pastiche of popular indie rock sounds from the past couple of years, and Illinois probably fall into that category too (the fact that their band name is also the name of Sufjan Stevens' most successful album to date has to be a coincidence, right?), but they won me over somewhere in the span of these 7 songs. I think they remind me of Stars, Modest Mouse and Mates of State all thrown into a blender, but there are probably plenty of other familiar sounds in there. Either way, they're a band to watch, and this EP is definitely worth a listen. What The Hell Do I Know? is available in stores now.

» Bonus Track: Screendoor
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