Friday, March 16, 2007

Sunset Rubdown - Apistat Commander (Xiu Xiu Cover)

Xiu Xiu are known for (among other things) taking well known songs, completely obliterating them and then rebuilding them from the ground up. So what happens when a handful of bands get the chance to do the same to their songs? Find out on April 10th when 5RC releases Xiu Xiu Remixed & Covered, a double album that features one disc of covers and one disc of remixes. Among the artists involved are Kid 606, Devendra Banhart, and Why?, but I think Sunset Rubdown's version of "Apistat Commander" (from Xiu Xiu's second album A Promise) is the definite standout. I also enjoyed Her Space Holiday's take on "I Luv The Valley OH!", and Xiu Xiu's own demented cover of New Order is included for the sake of posterity.

» Bonus Track: Her Space Holiday - I Luv the Valley OH!
» Bonus Track: Xiu Xiu - Ceremony (New Order cover)
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creaturekillher said...

oh, certainly.

have you heard xiu xiu's cover of that one pussycat doll's song? uh, "don't cha?" i think it is.

creepiest song ever.

Anonymous said...

cbc just played this and for sure i thought it was frog eyes from b.c. but when the song ended I quickly grabbed pen and index card just it case it was a different band. wow, two canadian bands that sound like david bowie!

Anonymous said...

on 2nd listen and with the clarity of headphones this time, it sounds remarkably like another canadian band called strange advance, particularily their song "Worlds Away".

Incidentally the vocals on that song are even more bowie-like.

Brendan said...

To the second comment, it's not really coincidence that the two bands sound so similar. There is a lot of membership overlap between Frog Eyes and Sunset Rubdown. The latter's vocalist, Spencer Krug, used to be a member of the former. Spencer Krug is also part of a third band, Swan Lake, that has members from both bands. Incidentally, he is most famous for being a member of a fourth band, Wolf Parade, which also has its Bowie-esque moments.