Saturday, March 24, 2007

Timbaland - Oh Timbaland

For someone with as much hype as Timbaland, it sure has taken a long time for his newest album Shock Value to leak. And for someone with so much hype, Timbaland sure does take a lot of chances. His newest album has an amazing array of guests artists; from JT to Elton John, from Dr. Dre to Fallout Boy. It doesn't always work, and doesn't make for a completely cohesive album, but at least it's always interesting. Most disappointingly though, the track featuring MIA is available only on the UK release of the album.

"Oh Timbaland" is a great lead off track and perhaps my favourite from the album, using an amazing Nina Simone sample for the chorus. He was somehow able to remix her chorus to "Sinnerman" ("Oh Sinnerman, Where you gonna run to?") to "Oh Timbaland, Where you gonna run to?" Ha! Simply brilliant. Not only is he able to use someone like Simone, he is able to quickly transition to pop artists like JT. For this he deserves our respect.

Bonus Track - Release (feat. Justin Timberlake)


Anonymous said...

Release is my favourite from the album. A lot really disappointed me though ...

Anonymous said...

What a great opening track!! I'm an englshman of african descent and when i first heard 'Oh Timbaland' it reminded me of when I was but a boy at family parties dancing to african music, and for thaat alone I will always love this song. Right now my favourite song on the album is 'Kill Yourself'. I think this is more of a diss than 'Give it to me'!! The way Timbo has put this song together is the nuts!! Also, 'One and only' is gonna be huge this summer!!! Overall, for me the album is ok but was

Anonymous said...

American music gave birth to so much great music,
Gospel, jazz, blues, soul, rock, rap but today popular music is in freefall
and Timbaland is the ultimate symbol of this trend.

Timbaland:Music for marketing.

Timbaland is well liked by the "critics" (pay by the big corporations) because they can say "Now I understand black music! That's good black music."
What they like in Timbaland "music" it's the Techno/Pop/synth/Gay sound played by a black man.
His "music" is souless, cold, mechanical and said nothing.It’s the perfect beat for the fascist Bush years.
Perfect for the white pop artists who got nothing to say but pretend to play “black music”.
Perfect for black artist who want to reach the white teens/gay buyers.
For 10 years it's the same beat with a new sound stolen somewhere (Arabic, Indus or Finnish music).
Boring after 8 measures, and feed by force via all the clear channel/MTV.
The Financial power decided that "Timbo" was the perfect good big black (and propably gay) boy to represent their computerized/aseptized "music".

What's so "fantastic" about him? His goofy face??
He's changed the sound of music, sure, but for the worst.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Mack or Eddie Griffin once said that whatever the black man invent...the white people market it and they become rich.

Today, the white people are shareholders of most of hip-hop's industry and the dude "anonymous" has the guts to say that Timbaland is reaching for the white community? Justin Timberlake came to Timbaland and not the other way around...and so did Nelly Furtado...

It's the white people who copy the black people, today's teens...most white people do weed than black. The only reason why we black people use white people is for exposure because the white people are mostly trusted when it comes to business exposure than black people.

Timbaland is thinking smart...He's using the white people to attract business on his new company. Once he has the exposure to the white community, not only will he get his wealth but eventually his roots to hip-hop will influence them too.

Pop, Rock and other "white" music genres also sample. So don't blame hip-hop for it. Westlife samples Frank Sinatra and you blame hip-hop...Shame..your music are fading...get to the programme.

Anonymous said...

What is the song you here in the intro from "oh timbaland"? I mean the 4 bars with the piano.

Anonymous said...

Bit late but the answer is that it's Sinnerman by Nina Simone.