Thursday, March 01, 2007

Yoko Ono (with The Flaming Lips) - Cambridge 1969/2007

When it comes to the music of Yoko Ono, I'm afraid I must plead ignorance. Like most people, I know her mainly for her marriage to John Lennon and that nasty reputation of having broken up The Beatles. It's easy to see how her own artistic endeavours would have been unfairly written off though, and as a result I've always been curious to hear some of her work, especially knowing the influence she had on Lennon's own creative output. This new remix album Yes, I'm A Witch seems like as decent an attempt as any to bring Ono's songwriting to a new generation, although I must admit I was mainly drawn in by the impressive line-up of artists that she handpicked for involvement (including Spiritualized, The Apples in Stereo, Cat Power and The Polyphonic Spree). I don't think I came away particularly educated in her discography, but there's still some intriguing stuff here, whether it be the complete reconstruction of the 26-minute avante-jazz piece "Cambridge 1969" by The Flaming Lips, or the sharp retro beats of "Sisters O Sisters" that make Le Tigre and Yoko seem like ideal cross-generational collaborators.

» Bonus Track: Sisters O Sisters (feat. Le Tigre)
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