Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Danielson - Propaganda For A Comic Strip

Secretly Canadian have just put out their 100th release this week, and although in truth their albums have been numbering well over 100 for a while now, the century mark had been reserved a while back for something particularly special. To celebrate this milestone, and the label's 11th anniversary, they got a large number of bands that have been on the label over the years to cover each other's songs... which is always a fun idea. The result is an album they are simply calling SC100. Having just recently enjoyed the documentary Danielson: A Family Movie on DVD (you can hear Jay's audio review of the movie over on The Documentary Blog) I naturally gravitated toward their contribution to the album, a cover of Dave Fischoff's "Propaganda For A Comic Strip". As a nice companion piece, you can also hear the Danielson Famile song "Fruitful Weekend" being reworked by June Panic... the very band responsible for SC001! Now how's that for a history lesson?

» Bonus Track: June Panic - Fruitful Weekend
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