Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Polysics - Dream Ramming Down

Hey, guess who unveiled yet another new release right under our noses? Only the hardest working musical lifeforms in Japan, new wave synth-punks Polysics! Less than a month after I posted about their latest single "Catch On Everywhere", the band had another full-length album in Japanese stores called Karate House. It contains all three of their most recent singles, plus one b-side and 12 more brand new songs! How they can continue to generate so much new material is beyond me, although it's inevitable that some of the songs start to blend together after a while. By now you probably know if their rambunctious style of bleepified electro-punk is your cup of tea, but personally I can't recommend these tracks enough. "Dream Ramming Down" is another sugary pop tune sung by female keyboardist Kayo, while "Polysics or Die!!!!" (a new song, despite the fact that their 2005 North American greatest hits compilation had the same name) is possibly the most spot-on imitation of Devo they've ever done (and that's saying a lot).

» Bonus Track: Polysics or Die!!!!
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