Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Stars - Set Yourself On Fire (Montag Remix)

Back in 2004 when Stars released their brilliant 3rd album Set Yourself On Fire, I hadn't really heard of them before and they seemed to come out of nowhere. Now, a few years later, they've gotten some serious airplay (in Canada at least) and made a name for themselves as part of Broken Social Scene's Arts & Crafts label. We're still waiting for their follow-up to Set Yourself On Fire, but next month they will release a remix album entitled Do You Trust Your Friends?.

As much as people are getting a little carried away with the remix trend lately, I can't help but be interested when a favourite band of mine gets re-interpreted by another group of talented musicians. The thing I like most about this remix album is that they've "kept it in the family" so to speak -- all of the contributors hail from Canada with the exception of Minotaur Shock. Check out this track from the highly underrated Montag; he's not re-inventing the wheel here but rather enhancing the original with beautiful bells, beeps and beats. The CD hits stores on May 22nd.

» Bonus Track: The Big Fight (Minotaur Shock Remix)
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for these - I'm dying to buy the remix album just so I can feed my fix until the new album comes out!

Anonymous said...

love the stars. thanks for the heads up on this remix album!

.... said...

I really like Montag. His new album is great. Thanks for posting this.