Wednesday, April 18, 2007

World's End Girlfriend - Ghost of a Horse Under the Chandelier

I first heard about World's End Girlfriend when they released a split CD with Mono last year. As I looked into the band's back catalogue, however, I began to get even more intrigued. It turns out that World's End Girlfriend is a one-man project; self-taught Japanese composer Katsuhiko Maeda combined his interest in classical music with experimental guitars, ambient sounds and electronic beats starting at the young age of 13. Now, six full length albums later, he has made a name for himself and drawn international acclaim. His latest release, Hurtbreak Wonderland came out on Human Highway Records last month and forges ahead with another collection of daring sonic landscapes. The closest comparison I can come up with is the Icelandic group Mum, but his music is still unlike anything else I have heard before. Although the album is hit and miss for me, songs like the epic "Ghost of a Horse Under the Chandlelier" combine classical piano with glitchy digital rhythms for maximum mind-blowage.

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